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The brave players:
ETHAN ischats.info/title/2S7CGceq5tsuhcVyACdA3g.html
JACKSEPTICEYE ischats.info
NAKEYJAKEY ischats.info/title/Sdma21fnJzgmPodhC9SJ3g.html
TOMSKA ischats.info
JON COZART ischats.info
ERIK ischats.info


  • Nakob jacob

  • Ahh yes, my favorite Smashing Pumpkins album, Sarah Tonin and the Infinite Happiness

  • "your body built like a diamond play button, girl" 😩👌🔥

  • more please

  • Erik’s straight up rocking that rasputin look...

  • We need a sequal to this

  • "The only watchable ads on ISchats" *sad Jay Foreman noises*

  • Nobody gonna talk about how he straight skipped Jacksepticeye in the last round

  • Why would you make list on a subjective based topic??

  • This is the Snyder's cut of YIAY time.

  • Me

  • Ethan’s world record is the most profitable backflip

  • Nice to see John and Jon acting naturally unlike in YIAYtime.

  • The funniest ISchatsr is Charlie Slimecicle

  • Where is markiplier

  • Can we please keep this series going on instead of YIAY time? This was genuinely one of the most hilarious youtube videos ever filled with great people

  • ^^^ THIS ^^^ MAKE YIAY TIME THIS, ISchats pr team, ya cowards

  • Why am i watching this for the 6th time already

  • Genuinely one of my favorite videos on the internet

  • Man, I would mess up NakeyJakeys shirt.

  • Part two please

  • three month ago i didn’t know who ethan was. i’m rewatching this now and i’m having the best time

  • Charles white

  • The answer is none of them. They're ISchatsrs.

  • Jakey my guy playing with the greats, love it

  • Wait, was Sean's answer not shown in the clickbait one?

  • This needs to be turned into a jackbox game

  • Part 2

  • I hate that this video has not that many views

  • Erik looks like Jim Root

  • I got unironically hyped when the black and white spiral showed up for Ethan's intro.

  • I haven't seen tomska in a while, man I used to watch so much eddsworld

  • "I drew Jimmy Fallon laughing at someone who isn't even saying words" "I drew a calculator with a face that says "80085", which is a cool joke" *_"I drew Master Chief with titties"_*

  • Please make more of these!!!

  • eyyyyy it's a bunch of white guys

  • Idk why but the singular “jackfilm” kills me

  • none of them they're all men

  • TomSka is just spittin facts

  • What happened to jacksepticeye's answer to the clickbait question lol we just skipped right past him there

  • everyone was very funny and super likeable but tomska's answers tho, what a classy dude

  • This is the best concept, competition for a choice of where to donate the prize money is heckin awesome

  • the best and probably only good thing jack has done for me was introduce me to internet comment etiquette

  • the only thing i gathered from this is that jacksfilms is the least funny person here

  • I wish they’d do another

  • Based.

  • Roses are red, violets are wild, I want to hit you more than I want to hit a child

  • Haha Jacksepticeye is the funniest one. Nice try all!

  • Why didnt sean answer the last question?

  • Where's Rich Evans?

  • More morozororoeo!

  • TGF

  • part 2 pls

  • YIAY TIME looks like a horrible sequel compare to this

  • 9:57Just the way jakey says “ so i drew master chief with yittys”

  • Oh my god, youtuber invented Cards against Humanity, how fresh.

  • Erik is insanely funny.

  • how did jakey not win he literally created the joke everyone used

  • My meanest insult w/o cursing: Haven’t seen a model of decay since Differential Equations.

  • Who's the funniest ISchatsr? *a white man, of course*

  • I think this would've been better if there was more white men

  • Finally Comedy gets what it's always been missing, a competitive element. Ethan only won because he got to read first

  • This kinda reminds me of the cool ISchats

  • Tomska duh

  • We all knew ref was gonna win from the start

  • Shoulda done better w ethans intro

  • I don't know if Jon Cozart is part of Gen Z but he completely understands our humor.

  • I have a sneaking feeling that jacks fans intentionally voted for anyone but him

  • tomska's jokes are the only ones that make sense

  • Man, the internet will laugh at anything a straight white guy says, even when he's not that funny. We love to see it ❤

  • Jon Cozart is alive....

  • Nakey Jakey needs to be in more things

  • How did Erik not win every round? Must be a conspiracy

  • Blarg

  • I feel like jacob was underrated af

  • it’s larray.

  • Elise Ecklund is

  • i legitimately started crying aat the intro for ethan. f you jack memento mori

  • 8:42 REALLY JACK!? what the fuck man!

  • The yiay live we deserve

  • Was anyone able to read jacksepticeyes answer in the last in one? It got cut for some reason

    • It says "got pregnant after getting assaulted" weirdchamp

  • Make this the new YIAYTIME

  • Maybe this is just me but NakeyJakey absolutely killed it every single round

  • Still waiting for "are you funniest than a ISchatsr" where all the funnier than a yter winners compete in a big are you funnier match

  • triggered that erik didn't win

  • "I drew master chief with yiddies" Jakey Jakey and Jakey attorneys at law 2020

  • Which brown haired white boy is superior??

  • Second time I watch this and I'm still hurting laughing, thank you guys for these

  • trick question. its a bunch of white dudes so obviously none of them

  • wait is that norbert moses in the thumbnail

  • "huh, why'd they cut out jacks answer in the last bit?" *pauses at 12:53 * "oh..."

  • Why wasn’t there “I love you likegarfiekd loves lasagna” I am so disappointed

  • Jon Cozart was so underrated, i liked his answer best almost every time

  • EEF is the best

  • This is what yiay time should have been

  • Were markiplier?

  • This is what yiay time should be like

  • We need this to be a series.

  • white man

  • This isn't "who's the funniest ISchatsr" this is "who's the funniest average white dude"

    • @Neo Novus isn't though, Jack couldn't even get one person of color (Probably because he knows none, which is a problem in itself ) then named it "Who's the funniest ISchatsr?" Like, what???? And then you watch the video and some of the answers share the same motif. Maybe Erick is funny, yes, but brush

    • Wow somebody needs to get laid and have a social life. No need to make this a white thing. Racist

    • Your comment made me lost even more faith in humanity