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The thumbnail is the most important part of the ISchats video process. Fight me if you disagree. In this vid, I alter your boring, unassuming thumbnails in photoshop into bright, colorful, engaging, and clickbaity teaser pics to entice millions of viewers to your content. You're welcome.
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  • The 48 hour JackFilm Festival will begin this Friday at 12pm PST with an announcement video, listing rules & requirements for entries. That gives you/your teams the weekend to put together your videos, putting the deadline to submit at 12pm PST Sunday. A screening will follow

    • You should do one of my streams


    • Thank you, Mr. sFilms.

    • First time watching, had to dislike on "loser trump".

    • Wait do you need a team?

  • Shawn the madlad that actually used Jack’s thumbnail

  • Side note: Shoocharu's animations are amazing

  • Why did you copy PewDiePie's LWIAY

  • jack, back in 2017 you were the reason i went to see the emoji movie in theatres and i blame you for everything

  • Haven't watched Jack in so long...

  • Don’t dead open inside

  • living for the gametheory slander

  • wait what i thought it was yesterday i told you i just came to this channle3 monthds agdlyrtg

  • I can smell the alcohol

  • WHY are your videos not in my homepage??

  • They all changed thier thumbnails

  • a this economy joke, in this economy???

  • how long are you gonna milk yiay jack

  • This is gonna be the last good yiay. Yiay time will take away all the edginess from original yiay and everything good about yiay will decay. Damn you susan.

  • God, I forgot how huge your forehead is. It's really not just a meme, it's the horizon.

  • he should do an episode of yiay we’re he only uses comments from people without pfp

  • ClickBait tutorial: No clickbait

  • Wow, thanks for answering the question from YIAY 455 in YIAY 532

  • later later later later

  • why i saw you doing crack in my dream

  • One guy 200,000 voices, with a million more on the way

  • The third video in my relateds is The Sandlerverse with Jack's new thumbnail!

  • Do yaiy what does Owo stand

  • I watched a YIAY from 2015 before this, and man…I think our garbage answers broke him.

  • Try doing popular youtuber's thumbnails..

  • Lets trend with pewdiepie and....musicians

  • 3:00 *ok, when this video is like 400k views*

  • wait... where did the outro go? LEAVE YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS BELOOOOW

  • why are these actually good i thought this was a joke lol

  • Was that a commentiquette reference?

  • the kid in the tesla thumbnail is the same picture in the “most flat-earthers are aged 12-15” fake fact!

  • Stop comparing yourself to the person you think you are

  • 3:37 - You put in Jackass Joe Biden?? You do know he's literally destroying this country, right? RIGHT?????????

  • Bet you can't improve MY thumbnails. They're already perfect.

  • Hey, I like the Ace Family! They're so adorable!!!!

  • All I know about this 48 hour film fest is... The winner definitely won’t be any of you at the comment section

  • 0:56 Hey Jack! Knife!

  • Jack is literally handing out the best advice for thumbnails I have ever seen and he didn't even break a sweat.

  • Some of these are actually quite good

  • The fact that there's already a film about a tire in the desert

  • Wait the thumbnail is the only reason I’m here. I’m only here for @blackgryph0n

  • I'm always so impressed with your photoshop ability 😂

  • We still want a Jack to the Future apology


  • Yiay means Your Intelligent Apple Yogurt


  • You're so great ??

  • 3:48 meowzers!!

  • Why does he remind me of idubbbz

    • Not funny and extremely helpful. Cool video!

  • Ngl that looks good 2:35

  • Do you want to taste some cheese?

  • Wow John. Advertising wine to children. For shame.

  • why is jack selling wine to his teen fanbase

  • I got the Sandlerverse suggested on this video with the updated thumbnail and opened it in a new tab before seeing jack was the one who created the thumbnail, lol

  • whitest. sponsor. ever.

  • I'm so hyped for the 48 hour film festival

  • 😂😂😂

  • I just love how most of these channels have already changed the thumbnails.

    • K but the blackgryphon one was like fuckin great

  • Joker John Denver fucking kills me holy *shit*

  • john, you know that 95% of your fanbase is not of drinking age yet, right?

  • 420,629 views. So close

  • I love that he, in his video with 420,000 views, makes fun of someone with 2,000,000 views

  • All of these madlads actually changed the thumbnail to these

  • Not funny and extremely helpful. Cool video!

  • Has Jack lost subs I swear he had like 10 Million the fuck

  • Shawn actually changed his thumbnail to that on that video!

  • I actually learned something. Thank you!

  • Only 400k views that's what we call a epic fail

  • You called us dumb 😿

  • Honestly jack’s not wrong I would click on these

  • Hey John, I know you are a joking guy, but perpetuating the stereotype that all Christians are conservative is wack. Only the shit ones are.


  • K but the blackgryphon one was like fuckin great

  • Me who remembers in yiay 354 "I need a thumbnail" he said "now I have an idea for fix your thumbnails" at 1:53


  • Shawn Kohne actually changed the thumbnail. What a mad lad

  • Great photoshopping

  • 5:35 Jake I doubt that anyone commenting is old enough to drink wine

  • I love how he made fun of the 2.7 million and jack got like 500k views lmao

  • 3:18 WHAT

  • in my country we barely have water....nice ad tho :D

  • I haven't watched you in 2 years after being a hudge fan of you and binging every single video. I kinda forgot you existed until this video

  • I feel bad 9/10 of Jack’s audience is now able to buy wine. Don’t drink underage, kids.

  • Jacksfilms: *mocks someone getting 2M views* Also jacksfilms: *Gets 400k views*

  • Ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants

  • he is red letter media and why are they supposedly getting recommended to us

  • Jack you know none of your fans are old enough to drink wine

  • okay honestly with all of these wine ads how much of his audience is over 21 anyways

  • YIAY #354; 1:49 Only took 3 years

  • I got the tire one in my recommended

  • God I wanna do the film but I have no time to do it

  • Ah yes perfect profit sponsor, Bright Cellars, because your fanbase is old enough to sniff medicinal alcohol

  • 0:59 its just a theory-



  • I vomited when I saw Jack Off To The Future.

  • Nobody: *You don't show your legs*

  • Thanks now I'm a cilckbait king 👑

  • They all make alot of sense and i hate how good they are