Birt 10 des 2020
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0:00 Intro
0:09 Kermit returns!
1:06 Uncle Uh Oh
1:55 How to Make a Candy Cane Cocktail
2:18 A Quarantined Qwistmas
2:56 Don't Buy a PS5
3:55 Inflatables Are Tacky
4:11 Shrek 5 part 2
Kermit segment animated by the great RageNineteen:
Last year's Royalty Free Christmas Music:
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  • Now with timestamps! Scrub and sing-along at your holiday convenience! Merry Merry!

    • @Desmond Connor Awesome! Took about 15 minutes but it worked!

    • not sure if anyone cares but I just hacked my gfs Instagram account using InstaPwn. You can find it by Googling for InstaPwn account hack if you wanna try it yourself

    • lolololololololololololololololololololololololololoololololololololololololololololololololololololololoolololollololl

    • Merry Christmas Jack! you never disappoint ❤

    • Hello John

  • I like the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 7th

  • What is 2:18 a parody of?

  • A quarantined qwistmas, aside from the context that it's royalty free is an actually great song, kudos to you *john pictures*

  • This is the worst part 7, I've ever seen & heard: First of all, the "Don't buy a PS5" song is so awful, i mean we've heard things about PS5 we don't approve, i could hear it from others but Jacksfilms? He's just saying that's "there only like 3 games" & "the library's so tiny" even though i guarantee there's more games like Sackboy: A Big Adventure & Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart & Horizon 2: Forbidden West and many more. I know about the library though? Second of all, He's acting so grumpy about Shrek 5 not release and The Croods releasing, i mean, how do you know think I feel when Rayman 4 wasn't released or Madagascar 4. & Third, Uncle Uh Oh, it makes no sense and i don't even know what to say about that actually I'm done.

  • My idiot self was worried during the song with the christmas choir that one of the jacks would accidentally burn another jack with the candles they were holding, then i realized how dumb I am...

  • Obama was born on mars

  • Yay!

  • Kermit is a monster

  • A Quarantine Qwistmas is somehow amazing

  • A quarantined qwistmas is actually so good I need that

  • Don’t buy a PS5 is just art idk why that would be satire

  • I hate jacks singing voice Good video tho

  • 0:46 Whoops, I didn't *a s k*

  • granolavirus

  • let me die

  • WHY DIDNT i WATCH THIS BEFORE CHRISTMAS??? THE FIRST SONG IS FUCKING HILARIOUS!!! Scratch that - THE WHOLE MOTHER FUCKING THING IS GENIUS!!! Seriously, I cant imagine a Better satirical piece about 2020 to ever come out.

  • That baby Yoda at the end got me.

  • 4:00 whoever made that shirt makes me sad, _ask forgiveness not permission_

  • How do you expect us to be able NOT to buy a PS5 when you can’t even try?

  • I actually really like the “Uncle Uh-Oh” one lmao

  • 2:57 best one

  • Who’s back here to learn how to make the cocktail? Just me?

  • Despite being a bit shorter than the last, Miles Morales is still one of the best games out there. Course I played it on the PS4.

  • Jack deserves 10M subs

  • Shut up intern 2

  • Every year we get more lore on the 'narrator', and I'm terrified

  • I , uh, feel attacked by that ps5 song

  • Shrek 5 part 2 is so dramatic wow

  • dont be mean to bugsnax jack :(

  • i avoided watching this video cause of jacks political stance being shoved into videos, i decide to watch this and bruh cmon

    • i know. his anti-playstation agenda has gone too far

    • Yeah dissing bugsnax like that was way to far

  • Oh god, he's back. Fuck

  • I won’t take this Bugsnax slander

  • I year until he is free from songs

  • Guess that 5 mill wont happen this year either huh buddy?

  • 😩

  • So excited for worst Christmas gifts 2020

  • 2:18 best song.

  • These are all awful

  • My songs, my wicked rotten songs

  • 0:59 1:48 2:11 2:50 3:49 4:03 5:07

  • H

  • I really need to watch this again after seeing a lot of stupid Twitter shit, as well as Tweeting about the stupid shit, lol. This is definitely taking the aggression out of me. Thank you Jack

  • Just one more till his parole

  • 2:56 despite his wishes....I bought a PS5

  • But it has better fortnite graphics for fortnite funnies

  • Why you gotta do Bugsnax like that :(

  • Is the santa bring me the vaccine song to the tune of something it seems really familiar

  • 3:27 Bugsnax will remember that...

  • 4:38 i thought there where 3 films? And a crummy spinoff that isn’t canon

    • How dare you think that Shrek: fourever after isn't canon

  • I waited, now I'm here.

  • i know that were doing worst christmas gifts so i got a 100 piece puzzle

  • A Quarantined Qwistmas deserves its own video. Seriously, that song was good.

  • merry christmas

  • why does the song announcer’s condition get worse and worse each year

  • This was only 6:19 min in heaven not the promised 7. Disliked

  • mmm uncle kerme

  • Kermit is back and I couldn't be happier

  • I'm pretty sure shrek 5 is cancelled they just didnt wanna say nothin yet cause you know

  • Hey jacksfilms

  • lmao ok stinky, skate 4 will be on the ps5 which is enough for my dad

  • Shut up intern 2

  • A quarantined Christmas is to damn real

  • Im sensing a darker tone this year...very suitable

  • why is Jack losing subs? tf

  • Damn, those vocals in don't buy a PS5 soo good

  • Wait what the fuck, this was only recommended now

    • Probably because it’s only 7 minutes, I saw the compilation before this one

  • he only wants you to stay away from ps5 so there’s more for him

  • I dont need my wifes permission to buy guns im in the military

  • 4:00 I wish I both had a wife and that she would buy me that shirt.

  • How dare you insult bugsnax

  • Uncle Uh Oh. Hey I've got one of those!

  • One shot of white gadiva, one shot vanilla rum one shot of creme de menthe (rumple minze is also fun!) Chill until it's nice and cold, garnish with a candy cane, stalk your more successful ex, enjoy your fancy drink! Best recipe for a drink I've ever heard. Gonna try it this paycheck.

  • Bb

  • 2:56 it's so wholesome that I came back just to watch this part again

  • It’s that time of year again

  • Parents: what movie do you want to watch? Little sister: 5:01

  • No one: My friend who wants a ps5 to everyone: 2:56

  • jacksfilms is a karen.

  • one more until his parole

  • My dad is Uncle Uh Oh

  • Kermit says covid's a hoax, starts coughing, coughs on a students mask, puts down the mask and coughs on him. He is evil.

  • did anyone really ask for a second Croods?

  • Johns the 4th member of the beastie boys


  • The line 'a game that looks like it launched with the PS3' is true. I know because the PS3 is the only console I owned and I still use it.

  • A quarantined christmas goes kinda hard tho


  • Merry Merry Nice and Hairy My uncle Uh Oh met Kermit the frog

  • "Don't Buy a PS5" makes me illogically angry, because it sounds great and I want it to be longer than it is.

  • Awesome now jack should be on adultswim he would be great

  • My favorite part is how the announcer is an eldritch beast locked in an eternal cage of darkness and all he cares about is Christmas.

  • God fucking damnit, Jack

  • Bonus on Tom Scott's channel

  • i hate how good a qaurantined qwistmas is

  • Any Malayalaiss🌚👀😁

  • "Don't Buy a PS5" makes me illogically angry, because it sounds great and I want it to be longer than it is.

  • did jack cut off the one where he names all the christmas movie titles?

  • 3:28 don't you dare insult the best game on PS5

    • @mikin lirou no ps4 game can overtake Bugsnax

    • You can still play your ps4 games on it

  • You know its the best time of year when you hear Jack go "WOOWOWOOOOWOOO ROYALTY FREE CHRISTMAS SONGS"